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Children’s martial arts programmes that increase engagement and retention

Are you a busy martial arts coach that is actively is looking to increase your retention and revenue by providing a better service to your customers? Do you already wear 101 different hats at your club and struggle to make a dent in your never ending ‘to do’ list? 

Our MAPLE framework draws on scientific theory and over a decade of experience to help you construct a children’s martial arts programme with magnetic retention. Not only will you have the tools you need to construct and deliver great sessions, but you will also have the knowledge of what makes them great.

The 'FIVER' benefits of a great children's martial arts programme

MAPLE is designed to provide you with a framework to help you win in five key areas. These wins are not just great for the club and the coaches running the classes but they also help maximise engagement and development of the participants.

tips on building your Own little dragons program

Marshmallow test of self-control

7 tactics to help children develop self-control

The benefits of developing self-control Who would have thought that having the self-control to not eat one marshmallow in order to receive a second could …

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The benefits of developing a growth mindset and stepping out of your comfort zone

10 benefits of cultivating a Growth Mindset in your martial arts students

Henry Ford is reported to have said “Whether you think you can or you can’t you’re right”. This short quote highlights that your mindset can …

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Character development through children’s martial arts

Most martial arts clubs promote character development in their martial arts training. Indeed, if you look at any social media post advertising taekwondo, karate or …

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Pushing action from Functional Movement Patterns

8 functional movement Patterns for your kids martial arts programme

Although Functional Movements Patterns (FMP) have appeared in many different adult strength based systems over the last couple of decades, they were initially discovered through …

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Perceptual motor skills through martial arts

This is where the rubber hits the road and you take the standalone Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) and Functional Movement Patterns (FMP) and incorporate them …

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Customer Feedback

"I'm using your template that you handed out at the EFC conference for planning 4-5 year old lessons. I've have adapted the framework to plan all the sessions including adults and it is pure gold"
Lianne Lazenby
Compass Martial Arts
"MAPLE has ticked all the boxes for me. Helped make the classes better for the students, more fun to coach and the parents love it too."
Lee Douglas
West Coast Krav Maga